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What is Wakanda Coin?

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Wakanda Coin is a cryptocurrency that was inspired by the fictional African country of Wakanda. It can be used to purchase items from Wakanda Webshop. Businesses and individuals can also recieve payments in Wakanda Coin. There are several businesses in Finland , Norway, Sweden, England, and Nigeria that have indicated their interest in accepting Wakanda Coin as a means of payment for their services and products. And you can be rest assured that work is in progress to onboard more businesses in other countries.

The aim of creating Wakanda Coin is to facilitate and encourage regular none-tech-savvy businesses and individuals to adopt cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

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Wakanda Coin is a non-mintable PEB-20 token that will be deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Network . It is a burnable, ownable and pausable token. Full technical details will be made available through the developement and verified source code that will be published on the project's github repo.

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We Will be Rolling With ALIENS


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Total Supply

Wakanda Coin will have a total supply of: 1 000 000 000 000 000 (1 Quadrillion). The entire total supply will be minted upon deployment and no further minting can be done. The total supply will also reduce overtime as burning will happen periodically and/or in response to market movement and/or community demand.

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Token Distribution

The total supply of Wakanda Coin will be distributed as follows: 5 percent (%) will be alocated for private presale, 5% for initial charity donations and 10% for public presale. 15% will be kept by the Developers and sold periodically for payment and/or covering project related expenses.The remain 65% will be made available for public distribution. Unsold tokens from the private and public presales allocations will be burned at the end of the presales.

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Locked Liquidity

No Rug Pulling

The goal is to lock at least 15% of Wakanda Coin in a liquidity pool with BNB for a minimum of 5 years. The contract address will be made available and verifiable by everyone. The community will also be encouraged and incentivised to join the liquidity pool. Extra Wakanda Coin will be awarded to those who join the liquidity pool with a minimum of 5 BNB and lock their liquidity for a minimum of 1 year.

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Audited & Certified

No Gimmicks

The security and truthworthiness of Wakanda Coin's contracts are of high importance. But you do not have to take our word for it. Hence, we will reach for your trust in a trustless manner by letting the audits speak for themselves. Consequently, this project will strive for a minimum of 2 independent audits.

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Reward Holders

Loyalty Pays

Holders of Wakanda Coin will be rewarded with more Coins as they actively participate in the Wakanda Coin community. Fees from marchants trying to sell their products on Wakanda Shop and/or Wakanda exchange will be distributed to the existing holders of Wakanda Coin. Coins can also be distributed on the basis of milestones achieved by the Wakanda Coin project.

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Community Driven

You Can Have a Say

Wakanda Coin started as a joke project but today its rocket is set to go beyond Mars. This is thanks to the ingenious input of memebers of the community that have been built around the project. The community is currently very small. But it is expanding with highly dedicated crypto investors, enthusiasts and people with diverse background and profession. It is desirable that the trajectory of the Wakanda Coin project will be governed by the community. Vetting and votting on items that will be sold on Wakanda Webshop is one of the many ways that the community will help to drive the project. You can join the community and your participation will also be rewarded.

The goal is that the Wakanda Coin project will eventually be fully owned and controlled by the community. The developers' control over the token will be relinquished by renouncing ownership of the token. This will happen once a voting system and/or taylored community system has been put in place. This system will enable community memebers to easily raised matters and vote on them.

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Adapted for Charity

Join the Giving

Wakanda Coin project is adapted for giving back to communities that are in need around the world. Some percentage of the fees from Wakanda Coin and/or Wakanda exchange will be deposited to a charity wallet. This is in addition to the initial 5% of the total supply of Wakanda Coin that will be deposited to the charity wallet upon deployment. The Coins in this wallet will be periodically sold to raise money that will be donated to charity organisations operating in different part of the world. The amount sold and organisations that they are donated to will be voted on by the community of Wakanda Coin holders.

WATCH OUT For Them Aliens

Value Proposition

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Wakanda Webshop

Wakanda Webshop is an online store for buying and selling items using Wakanda Coin. The Wakanda Webshop will be developed and operated by: the Developers. But it will be moderated by the community of Wakanda Coin holders. The community will vote on what items are allowed to be sold on the Wakanda Shop platform. The community will also vote on dispute resolutions; if and when they occure between buyers and sellers. Discussions with international courier companies are already in progress. The goal is to create partnership with these courier companies. This partnership will help to create seamless checkout, delivery and logistic experience for both buyers and seller; irrespective of their locations. Special effort will be directed towards onboarding small and large scale manufacturers and art creators in Africa. This is due to the fact that the Developers is aiming to using blockchain technology to connect Africa to the rest of the world in a trustless manner.

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Wakanda Edu

It is a common believe that educational certificate forgery is rampaert in Africa. And this has resulted in diminished acceptance of students from Africa into highier institutions of learning accross the world. The Wakanda Edu project aims to use blockchain technology to eliminate the possibility of certifcate forgery in Africa and thus eliminate the stigmatization and underrating of qualifications from African institutions. The elimination of the said stigma will open the gate to innovative thinking as well as access to knowledge and means to more young, agile and creative minds and talents from Africa.

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Wakanda Exchange

Wakanda Exchange will combine the best of centeralized and decentralized exchanges into one package. Users will be able to seemlessly trade various cryptocurrencies using familiar and consistent user-friendly interface. Speacial focus will be given to the user experience and providing useful tips and automatated assistance to traders.

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Real Live Usage

Investment is being made into helping local/regular businesses to see the benefit of adopting Wakanda Coin/cryptocurrencies as means of payment for their goods and services. The effort has so far been friutful as several businesses in Finland, Sweden, Norway, England and Nigeria are now commited and/or indicated their interest in accepting Wakanda Coin as payment in their businesses which ranges from Online shops to Taxis and Restaurants. We will encourage and incentivase more businesses and entities to accept Wakanda Coin by creating technical solutions that make it easy for them integrate with their existing business networks and infrastructure with the Wakanda Coin ecosystem.

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Wakanda Charity

Wakanda Coin project has a seperate wallet for Charity works. Coins deposited into this wallet will be sold and donated and/or used for charity works. Most of Wakanda charity works and donations will be directed towards Africa and focused on the provision of: clean drinkable water, proper sanitary conditions and the eradication of Maleria, Cholera and Typhoid. But this does not mean that deaf ears will be paid to the needs of communities in other parts of the world. This wallet will also accept donations in other cryptocurrencies besides Wakanda Coin.

Guaranteed MARS Landing

Road Map

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Q1 2021

Idea formation

The idea of Wakanda Coin was born towards the end of Q1 2021.

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Q2-1 2021

Proof of Concept & Community Formation

Wakanda Coin was created and deployed as a proof of concept. Then a community of few friends and crypto traders was formed. The community discussed ways to improve the value proposition of Wakanda Coin and how to move the project forward. Social media presents were also established, and the frontend of the Wakanda Web shop was developed

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Q2-2 2021

Smart Contract Deployed

Wakanda coin smart contract was created, audited, and deployed. Wakanda Coin's private presale contract was also created and tested for bugs before deployment. The code for the contracts were published on GitHub.

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Q2-3 2021

Private Presale

Private presale was started but only members of the initial community was invited to take part.

Details of private presale

  • Discount: 40%
  • Asking Price: 0.0000006 USD (United States Dollar)
  • Available Coins: 5% of Total Supply
  • Min Purchase: 2 BNB
  • Max Purchase: 10 BNB
  • Goal: >300 BNB
  • Starts on: June 30 2021
  • Ends on: May 31 2022

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Q3-Q4 2021

Awareness creation

Efforts were stepped up to grow social media presence. This was done to simply create awareness of the project and get some feedback from wider audience of people. We also started an Instagram page in a bid to widen our reach. In addition, we are looking forward to publishing our whitepaper.

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Q1 2022

Invitation to external investors

We will start inviting external businesses in Norway, known crypto-investors, influencers, and commentators to partake in the private presale and/or examine the project and give us feedback on how to improve. We will also start preparing for the public presale and launch of Wakanda coin. This means we will invest more money in marketing and engaging with different crypto shillers, groups, investors, and influencers. Moreover, we will launch the Wakanda wallet. We are doing this because we believe the Wakanda wallet will be very instrumental in easing or streamlining the process of participating in the public presale for non-tech-savvy people or first-time crypto traders. We hope to use the ease of participation to attract new/first-time crypto traders/investors.

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Q2 2022

Public presale and launch

We will start the public presale and launch Wakanda coin on pancakeswap and get listed on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap and other relevant platforms. Liquidity, the marketing/developers’ allocation will all be locked in a minimum of 5 years. We will also perform several airdrops to incentivize people to join the liquidity pool and/or spread the words about Wakanda coin and help minimize dumping from initial buyers.

Details of public presale

  • Discount: 20%
  • Asking Price: 0.0000008 USD
  • Available Coins: 10% of total supply
  • Min Purchase: 0.2 BNB
  • Max Purchase: 5 BNB
  • Goal: >1000 BNB
  • Starts on: May 1 2022
  • Ends on: June 1 2022

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Q3 2022

Exchange listing

We will push for Wakanda coin to be listed on Binance exchange. We will also start application to the Norwegian financial regulation authority for approval to launch Wakanda exchange. Besides, the first sets of products will be available for purchase on Wakanda web shop. Users will also be able to design, mint, buy and sell NFTs on the Wakanda web shop.

Other plans

  • De-anonymization and expansion of the team of developers
  • Wakanda Webshop will be opened to third-parties
  • Tangible items will be sold on Wakanda webshop
  • Global shipping from Wakanda Webshop
  • More businesses will start accepting Wakanda Coin
  • Wakanda Coin will be Listed in at least 2 centralised exchange
  • Stronger and more agile community around the Wakanda Coin project
  • Preview of Wakanda Exchange and more
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Q4 2022

Launch of Wakanda Exchange

Wakanda exchange will be launched. And our plans for 2023 will be released. We will also start seeking partners for Wakanda POS and Wakanda Edu as these will gain a lot of focus for 2023 which will also see the creation of Wakanda blockchain network.

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Good to Know

How to Buy Wakanda Coin Private presale

Please watch the video for demonstration of how to partake in the ongoing private presale of Wakanda Coin

Please see the video for demonstration

How to Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network to Metamask

Kindly watch the video to see a demonstration of how to add BSC network to metamask. This is needed in order to partake in the private presale of Wakanda Coin using metamask

Please see the video for demonstration

Don't Crash Your ROCKET

Caveat Emptor

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  • Wakanda Coin is created solely as an attempt to encourage and/or facilitate the general adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as means of exchange/payment for goods and services.
  • The aim of Wakanda Coin is not to make over-night millionaires/billionaires. So DO NOT BUY Wakanda Coin if your aim is to become a crypto millionaire/billionaire. You probably will not get rich by buying Wakanda Coin. Your risk of disappointment is very high if that is your aim.
  • Wakanda Coin is not a security token and/or shares in Wakanda Coin project and/or the business of the Developer/s. Buying Wakanda Coin does not constitute an investment and/or partnership relationship with the Developer/s.
  • The Developers is not responsible and/or liable for any and/or all direct and/or indirect lost/s and/or debt/s and/or damage/s that you may incure as a result of you buying Wakanda Coin.
  • Wakanda Coin and/or the Wakanda Coin project/s have no guarantee for fitness of purpose and/or continuity.
  • Only buy Wakanda Coin with money that you are WILLING and ABLE to LOOSE completely. And only buy Wakanda Coin if you support its aim and understand that true value and change can only be created with long-term persistence, consistency and endurance.
  • Tax implications and/or restrictions may exist in your jusrisdiction with regards to trading cryptocurrency and/or participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and/or Presale/s. In which case the onus rests solely on you to find and abide by them.
  • Complete and irreversible lost of fund/s is a risk that is inherent to the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Don't Miss Out on The FUN

Meet The Team

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From Norway

IT company based in Norway

We are an Information technology (IT) company/startup that is based in Norway. Our identity is redacted for now because we want attention to be focused on what we are trying to achieve with the project. Many crypto-enthusiasts tend to put too much weight on the people/team behind crypto-projects instead of paying attention to what the project is promising and/or offering. This has made it very easy for big-names, celebrities, and other popular figures to be used to lure crypto-investors/traders into pump-and-dump schemes.

We are not against good ethical marketing practices. Neither are we against engaging celebrities and popular figures to help spread good words about good projects. In fact, we are looking forward to getting the help of some celebrities and popular figures in creating awareness about our project. Nonetheless, we believe that our distinguishing feature can only be realized and appreciated through careful examination of the promises of the Wakanda coin project. Hence, we want at least our initial supporters to examine our project without the distractions of who we are and/or who we are not. There are planes to reveal our identity soon but, in the meantime, you can be rest assured that Wakanda coin project is the product of a serious business with genuine intentions.

Now Let The FUN Begin

For The Curious Minds

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Why would 50% of the public presale be held back?

By holding back 50%, the developer/s will have immediate access to funds and be able to lock away the 15% of the total supply that is allocated for further funding of the project. This will make it impossible to sell the locked coins as it will effectively be out of circulation and thus help to retain the value of Wakanda Coin.

When will the locked 15% allocated to the developer/s be unlocked?

The duration of the lock will depend on the total BNB raised during the public presale. But the minimum lock time will be 1 year. This time can be extended depending on the amount of BNB available to the developer/s and/or based on community request.

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